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Code of Practice for Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning activities in the university shall be governed by the Codes of Practice for students and staff set out below. The responsibilities of staff and students are regarded as reciprocal, so the responsibilities of one group imply the rights of the other.

Responsibilities of Students

Students of the university have the following responsibilities:

  • to apply themselves to their studies to the best of their abilities;
  • to become familiar with the rules and regulations governing the degree in which they are enrolled, and to ensure that the units selected meet the degree requirements;
  • to be aware of the policies and practices of the university and of any faculty and department in which they are enrolled and which are contained in the materials and information made available to them;
  • to be aware of the rules and regulations concerning the use of university computing, library and other facilities, as set out in published material;
  • to meet deadlines for work to be submitted;
  • to take the initiative and consult appropriately when problems arise;
  • to submit original work for assessment without plagiarising or cheating;
  • for on-campus students, to attend lectures, tutorials and seminars for each unit in which they are enrolled and, for distance education students, to consider thoroughly all course materials and participate in all prescribed residential schools;
  • to accept joint responsibility for their own learning;
  • to contribute to the development of university programs and policies by participating in consultative and deliberative processes in a responsible and ethical manner;
  • to be aware of the university's commitment to equal opportunity and to demonstrate tolerance and respect for all members of the university community;
  • to respect the right of staff members to express views and opinions;
  • to respect the working environment of others in all areas of the university.

Responsibilities of Staff

Staff of the university have the following responsibilities:

  • to ensure the publication and distribution to students of clear, accurate and timely information concerning relevant regulations, policies, procedures and expectations, and on other matters affecting their studies;
  • to develop students' knowledge, understandings, skills and attitudes as defined in the objectives of the university, course, major and unit, by providing them with teaching programs, course materials, activities and tasks appropriate to the development of these attributes;
  • to provide students with opportunities to be involved in the structuring of their own learning experiences, and encourage them to take joint responsibility for their own learning;
  • to take into account the prior knowledge, abilities and backgrounds of students in planning teaching activities;
  • to assist students to learn from assessment tasks by providing them with timely and constructive feedback;
  • to be available to discuss assessment results with students or to arrange for a fully briefed delegate to be available for that purpose;
  • to encourage and enable students to evaluate their own and each other's work critically;
  • to make time available for giving advice to and for supervising individual students;
  • to strive for excellence in their teaching, and to seek and pay attention to feedback from students about the effectiveness and appropriateness of teaching programs;
  • to implement university policy on equal opportunity to ensure that all students, regardless of their background or characteristics, have an equal opportunity to learn and to demonstrate that learning;
  • to respect students' right to express views and opinions;
  • to demonstrate concern for the welfare and progress of individual students;
  • to ensure that they are not engaged in assessing or supervising the research of students with whom they have a relationship which could give rise to undue advantage or disadvantage.


The objective of this policy is to provide guidance on student and staff behaviour rights and responsibilities in teaching and learning activities.


This policy applies to staff and students.

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Governing Documents

Responsibilities for Implementation

  • University wide - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • Faculty wide - Deans, Associate Deans (Teaching), Associate Deans (Research), Heads of Department

Review Schedule

Academic Board shall consider this policy for review three years after approval, or earlier if required.


Approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Planning) on 2 December 2002.

Change to "Responsibilities for Implementation" made by Education Committee Meeting 6/2005, 26 October 2005.